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Building innovative solutions for a simplified SharePoint experience.

We are a California-based Digital Design Consultancy with an extraordinary expertise in SharePoint. We focus on creating better SharePoint experiences through simple and effective custom branding and design solutions.

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  • SharePoint Experts
  • UI + UX Designers
  • Solution-Driven Developers
  • Client-Oriented Leaders

Our Philosophy

With over 17 years of experience, our team has grown to recognize common pain points across a variety of SharePoint portals. As a result, we dreamed up a philosophy inspired by successful and innovative solutions. It's simple; we believe each site should meet four core principles:


A robust framework that encompasses an intuitive design + layout.


Global collaboration that is both mobile-friendly + responsive across devices.


Fluidity across whole portal, matching both company culture + message.


Thoughtful navigation + interaction; a simplified web experience that makes sense.

Our Approach

We use a variety of methods to quantify, then verify the parts of your site that might need a little TLC. Based off of our findings we design and develop your site in a way that makes sense for your unique users and audience base.

Our Work

Since 1998, our team has had the luxury of working with a variety of technology sectors, corporate entities, and government agencies, spanning across many industry verticals, including Education, Finance, Legal, Healthcare, Energy, Consulting, and eCommerce.

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